Turn Google Docs into

Nocode lets you publish anything in your Google Docs to a smart professional site. We believe you shouldn't need to learn a new set of skills to do this.
Nocode + Google Docs = Pain-free Publishing

No commitment, credit card or existing content required!

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We can only ever see docs that you give Nocode access to, we also can't delete any documents from your Google Drive.

Use your
Google Docs

Connect to your Google account
to access your Documents.

Add a little
Nocode Magic

We do all the hard work
so you don't have to.

Share with the
people that matter

Your site will be fast, secure
and responsive automatically.

Each Google Document becomes a page on your site

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Gorgeous Templates


The perfect style to show off the most important element of your blog, your writing.


A smart and clean way to present your business, products and services.


Symplify your website by using a centralised design, with a touch of elegance and class.


Turn your CV in to a smart and modern looking website in just a few clicks


Good documentation can make a massive difference to your project. We make it easy.


Put your content front and centre with a beautiful minimalistic template.

Easy to use!

  • We connect to your Google account, only see what you let us and can't delete anything.

  • Work with colleagues with all Google Docs collaboration features.

  • You can update any of your Google Docs and in three clicks publish the changes.

  • Whole Site Search, meaning your users can always find the content they need to.

"It took us just under a day to transfer our product documentation that we had already written in a few different places to Google Documents. From there it took us couple of hours to tweak a few of the settings in Nocode and we were done. We had already spent a few weeks on this project before discovering Nocode, the speed we have been able to complete this is Astonishing!"

Adam Lovelock, Astonish Email

Really quite fast!

  • Nocode is built in and uses Google's top tier hosting and services.

  • We turn the content in your Google Docs in to a static website.

  • We use a special combination of technologies to make your site as fast as possible.

  • Your site will be optimised automatically so Google will love it from day one.

Super Secure

  • Nocode uses a special technology to separate what your visitors see on your site and the system you use to build and maintain it. This means your site is unhackable..

  • We turn your site in to a tiny little secure bundle and then host it with a special technology that is completely separate from Nocode.

  • We sort out your SSL certificates automatically. You never have to worry about certificates expiring or your visitors being put off by security warnings from their browser.

"As a franchise we have a lot of information we need to share with our network of franchisees. Before Nocode we had thousands of items throughtout Google Drive that franchisees often struggled to find. The ability to overlay Nocode on top of Google Drive and then organise how we present it to our franchisees has been a massive benefit for us."

Paul Clegg, Rhythm Time

Everything you expect and more

Your Own Domain Name

It’s easy to add your own custom domain name or you can use your own Nocode address.

Mobile Optimized

Your Nocode Site will automatically look amazing on any device.

Easy Contact Forms

Let visitors easily get in touch with you from any computer or device.

SSL Secure Pages

Nocode automatically secures your website and ensures visitors are safe.

Site Search

Your visitors can search the contents of your website to find what they are looking for.

Password Protection

Allow only the users you wish to be able to access your site.

Things you can do with Nocode

  • Publish Product Documentation
  • Run an Intranet
  • Publish Your Research
  • Organise your Wiki
  • Basically, you can publish anything.


So you don't have to.

Still no commitment, no credit card, no existing content required.